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Disc Herniation and Treatments Herniated Discs
Develop when the inner ‘jelly’ erupts or pushes through its natural limits and thus leaking into areas where it should not be. Many factors such as natural wear and tear and previous injuries can cause this to occur. The noticeable symptoms that may arise later include numbness, pain, and weakness caused by the pinched nerves surrounding the disc herniation.

Of disc herniation can be often unnoticed depending on the severity of the herniation. Numbness and pain throughout the legs and feet can be a sign of lumbar disc herniation causing nerves to be pinched and in discomfort. Furthermore, herniations can lead to serve complications such as loss of sensation in the patient’s extremities.

Prevention and Treatment
And early diagnosis of disc herniations can prevent further and more severe complications in the future. Physical therapy along with minimally invasive treatments have should great improvements in past patients. For more information, click HERE for possible treatments that may help you live a pain free life.