7 Hand Exercises to Ease Arthritis Pain

Improve the function of arthritic hands with these seven easy, anytime exercises. Part 1 of 9: Overview Painful Hands Arthritis wears away at the cartilage and synovial lining of a joint, which is the[...]

What is CRPS?

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, CRPS, formerly known as RSD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, is a progressive disease of the Autonomic Nervous System, and more specifically, the Sympathetic Nervous Syste[...]

Stem Cells to Relieve Low Back Pain?

Medical researchers are trying a new treatment for low back pain. Their hope is that harvesting and then re-injecting the body’s own bone marrow — which is rich in stem cells — may repair wor[...]
How to Treat Back Pain Without Dangerous Drugs

How to Treat Back Pain Without Dangerous Drugs

Back pain is a common health issue today that affects at least eight out of 10 people. It is a prevalent problem among Americans. In fact, statistics from the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) r[...]

Cervicogenic Dizziness

DIZZINESS MAY RESULT FROM NECK PAIN Neck pain often accompanies dizziness, but it may be difficult to tell whether the dizziness and the neck pain are related or just coincidental. The influence of he[...]

Nerve Treatment Via Nose Promising for Migraines

A procedure that delivers the anesthetic lidocaine (Xylocaine) directly to nerves in the back of the nasal cavity appears to offer significant relief to migraine sufferers, preliminary research indi[...]

Causes of Spinal Compression Fractures

If you’re nearing age 60 and have back pain, don’t assume it’s a normal part of getting older. You could be affected by a spinal compression fracture. Back aches and pains can be a sign that sm[...]

Radiofrequency Ablation Q&A

What is radiofrequency ablation? Radiofrequency ablation is a procedure using radio waves or electric current to generate sufficient heat to interrupt nerve conduction on a semi-permanent basis. The n[...]

Electrical Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Pain

Electrical Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Pain Electrical nerve stimulation is a procedure that uses an electrical current to treat chronic pain. Peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) and spinal cord sti[...]

Spinal Cord Injury Treatments and drugs

Spinal Cord Injury Treatments and drugs Unfortunately, there’s no way to reverse damage to the spinal cord. But researchers are continually working on new treatments, including prostheses and medica[...]