Injuries and conditions that cause pain, stiffness and discomfort can impact your quality of life. You may not be able to do things you once enjoyed, or you may find that your injury has impacted your mobility even after it has healed. Physical therapy can benefit many patients recovering from a surgery, injury or another condition. Summit Spine & Joint Centers helps each patient safely restore and maintain their strength and function with a personalized care plan.

While physical therapy can use a variety of techniques, here are a few ways our professional and compassionate physical therapists can help you recover.

Strength Training to Improve Muscle Mass

Whether you’re recovering from a procedure or an injury, not using your muscles can reduce your muscle strength in a relatively short period of time, which can cause widespread weakness. Physical therapy helps rebuild and improve muscle mass, which often means the joints are better supported as well. Strength training through physical therapy can help improve your pain and flexibility.

Hot and Cold Therapy to Reduce Pain & Inflammation

Physical therapists often use hot and cold therapy to decrease pain as well as inflammation. When inflammation is under control and pain is at bay, you can better participate in physical therapy exercises to improve your injury or condition. Your physical therapist can also teach you how to properly use hot and cold applications at home to help your recovery even more.

Stretching for Flexibility & Improving Scar Tissue

Some injuries leave lasting pain even after they heal, from musculoskeletal to tendon injuries. This discomfort can make proper movement feel difficult or impossible due to scar tissue. Fortunately, physical therapy can help improve the flexibility of scar tissue and improve your mobility, particularly through stretching. Stretching can also help you maintain flexibility and the health of your joints to prevent injury.

Schedule a Physical Therapy Consultation

Our certified and experienced physical therapists will work with you to create a customized treatment plan designed specifically to meet your goals. We can help restore your strength and reduce your pain safely through proven techniques within your ability level. Contact us today at (770) 250-4020 or schedule an appointment online to learn more about physical therapy at Summit Spine & Joint Centers. We offer services at 10 clinic locations throughout Metro Atlanta.