Our physical therapy services help patients of all ages and occupations to function at their highest level of health and achieve their physical goals. From improving range of motion to muscle strengthening and balance training, our licensed physical therapists speed healing and help to prevent re-injury.

What Does a Physical Therapist Do?

Physical therapists are licensed healthcare professionals who specialize in movement and function of the body. They don’t just treat people suffering from a particular condition—they can help strengthen the body to prevent injury and maintain mobility.

Our physical therapists are experienced at treating neuromusculoskeletal disorders and help patients manage their pain as well as address the source of their discomfort. In many cases, physical therapists can even help prevent the need for surgery.

Physical therapy is generally a combination of educating patients and hands-on care using different techniques to improve the strength, function and mobility of the body.

How Can Physical Therapy Benefit Me?

For many patients, physical therapy can reduce pain and discomfort by building strength. Our physical therapists at Summit Spine & Joint Centers are experienced in working with patients who suffer from many different types of pain, including joint pain, back pain, neck pain and more.

People who receive physical therapy in addition to other non-invasive treatments we offer tend to improve faster than patients who don’t. We work as a team to improve your muscle strength and restore your function following an injury or a surgery. Physical therapy is customized for your particular abilities and goals, allowing you to benefit directly from a personalized treatment program.

What Types of Therapies Might Physical Therapy Include?

Types of physical therapy will vary based on your specific needs, but could include manual therapy, compression therapy, exercise, massage, hot and cold therapy and more. Your physical therapist can also work with you to design a personalized at-home exercise program to benefit you.

Is Physical Therapy Painful or Challenging?

Our therapists work closely with you to improve your condition with minimal discomfort. That being said, physical therapy may feel challenging in the beginning as mobility and strength begins to improve. Your physical therapist will check in with you often to ensure you’re comfortable and want to proceed.

At Summit Spine & Joint Centers, physical therapy is an integral part of many types of care we offer. We personalize your physical therapy experience to meet your goals, and we want you to restore your stability and energy and reduce your pain as much as possible with our expert care.

While physical therapy can be physically challenging at times, we’re here to guide you through every step in the process. We focus on hands-on care instead of just giving you exercises to do at home, allowing you to move forward confidently in your recovery.

Let Us Personalize Your Path to Recovery

Whether you need physical therapy to prepare for a procedure or just want to regain strength and minimize pain, Summit Spine & Joint Centers can help. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation with our professional team and begin your path to recovery!